Irish Fiddle Journeys

Do you want to develop a better feel for playing Irish tunes?

Are you stuck in a rut and feel like you're just plodding through fiddle tunes? Do you want to play Irish tunes with an authentic feel? Do you want to learn more about how to add variation to any fiddle tune? 

In this course, you’ll do a deep dive into learning and adding variation to Irish and Celtic tunes. This carries over to adding variation to any fiddle style, and it prepares you to improvise or compose your own melodies. You'll also find that this course will re-invigorate your approach to learning Irish fiddling as well as other styles of music.

The key things you will learn are how the process of adding variation works and how to practice this creatively. How to make good decisions so that the tune is interesting but not cluttered with too much variation.

I want to give you some introductory lessons

These teach the process of variation, so they can be applied to any tune or melody. Are you interested? If so, just tell me your name and email address and I'll send you them to you over the next few days. Cheers, and happy fiddling to you 🎻

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